The old village


The old village truely is the Heart of Huizen ( ), and here you will find the main shopping area. This area offers a wide range of shops, both for your daily errands as well as more durable purchases like fashion and gifts. Visit the Oude Raadhuisplein and the adjoining streets for some lively restaurants.

In the old village center a number of historical farm houses, buildings and special spots have been preserved. Just outside the centre there are many original fisherman’s houses. Every month a walking tour through the old village can be made with an experienced guide. He or she will tell you some juicy old stories and point out the beautiful things you might have missed otherwise. Just recently a special walking trail of the Milkmaid of Huizen is developed. During the walk, you will learn learn more about the history of the former fishing and farming village by a folktale about the Milkmaid of Huizen. About sixteen historical sites have a QR-plate, which you can scan with your smartphone. You will receive all the stories, pictures and videos the go with the place on your smartphone. You'll find more information on the website