Huizen is rightfully called the Gooi area’s harbour

The harbours

In the town of Huizen there are several harbours. First and foremost there is of course the Oude Haven – Ancient Harbour -  where most of the flatboats used to be berthed. Before this harbour was built, in 1854, the boats would lie in the roadstead to the west of this point.

The harbour’s construction stimulated several economical developments, like the shipyards that built over 400 flatboats, the fish curing companies and the fish markets. There is not much left to remind us of those days. Fortunately there are still some fishing boats and six flatboats to be admired. Also a shipyard has been built in the original style, and a nautical quarter has been developed around the entrance to the Oude Haven – Ancient Harbour ( ): a picturesque village including a hotel, a restaurant and a pancake restaurant.

Huizen’s sheltered marinas ’t Huizerhoofd and Huizer Marina are both modern and well equipped, offering around 870 mooring places.   

The port of call is situated to the east of the harbour’s entrance: a waterway that goes inland for one and a half kilometer and ends in a basin near the Oostermeent shopping center. The entrance is marked by a typical drawbridge, the fixed bridges at halfway have a height of 3 meters.  

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