The Huizen flatboats, then and now

The flatboats

Before the IJsselmeer Dam was built (between 1927 and 1932) the town of Huizen harboured about 180 flatboats. When this dam was finished, it became very difficult to make a living out of fishing. The number of flatboats diminished rapidly, and in 1961 the last remaining fisherman chucked it. For a couple of decades Huizen did not have any flatboats at all. Nowadays the harbour boasts 6 beautifully restored flatboats, three of which are operated by the Stichting Huizer Botters (the Huizen Flatboat Foundation). The other three are privately owned. The flatboats are berthed in the bend of the Oude Haven  - Ancient Harbour, next to the wharf and in front of restaurant De Kalkovens, an old limestone factory. It is possible to make a trip on one of these historical boats. The Huizen Flatboats Foundation is in charge of boat rentals, and they also take care of a crew.

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