Huizen, the Gooi area's harbour

A many-sided town...

The town of Huizen has an unexpected beauty, as it borders the Gooimeer – Gooi Lake and is surrounded by the Gooi area’s beautiful scenery. Furthermore it has a rich history the remains of which are still present and visible. In the seventeenth century Huizen used to be a village of farmers, with commons for their cattle. Many of these old farm houses still stand, surrounding the medieval Dutch Reformed Church in the town center. The Milkmaid in Huizen’s coat of arms is another reminder of those days.

In the eighteenth century Huizen developed into a fishing village with one of the largest fishing fleets around the Zuiderzee, which is now the IJsselmeer – IJssel Lake. When the IJsselmeer Dam was finished, so was the fishing industry of Huizen. Sons of fishermen retrained to be skilled craftsmen in the building industry, and fish traders applied themselves to cheese trading. Huizen still holds many relics of its history.
In the past decades Huizen has developed into a modern town bordering the Gooi Lake with a number of marinas, a lively shopping area in the town center and some important tourist attractions. It is absolutely worth a visit!